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Umbul Pengging Bathing Place – History and Tradition

Umbul Pengging Bathing Place – History and Tradition

Central Java has many historical destinations. The province is very popular with its ancient buildings such as temples, cratons (the Javanese palaces), museums, and many others. Umbul Pengging Bathing Place is one of the tourist places in Central Java. It is located in Boyolali Residence.

It is about 15 kilometers of eastern Boyolali. The bathing place is very special and is the pride of the residents as it has a strong relationship with the history of Kasunanan Surakarta (one of the kingdoms on Java Island). The place offers you beautiful scenery with a classic atmosphere. The water is so fresh and pure as it originally comes from natural springs.

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Umbul Pengging Bathing Place was built by Sunan Pakubuwono X, the king of the Surakarta kingdom. It was first built as the bathing place for the King of Surakarta and his family. Umbul in the Javanese language means bathing place. The king also built a building nearby the pool for him and his family to take a rest. But now, the king of Surakarta and his family don’t use it as a bathing place anymore. They open the bathing place for the public.

There are three bathing places in the Umbul Bathing Place area. They are Umbul Temanten, Umbul Ngabean, and Umbul Sungsang. Each bathing place has its own specialties. There is an interesting story behind the building of Umbul Temanten. Based on history, it’s said that one day when Sunan Pakubuwono X had a walk, he saw two springs (umbul) near the area of Umbul Temanten. Then he asked to God to merge the two springs so that they became one. Later, the king named it Umbul

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Temanten which means the Married Spring. Umbul Temanten is a pool for kids with a rectangular shape. It has about 50 up to 150 centimeters in depth. There are some facilities available in the Umbul Temanten area, such as buoys, balls for playing, and many others. It is also completed with 24 changing rooms and a number of bathrooms.

The second bathing place is called Umbul Ngabean. You can see a beautiful garden in this bathing area. The place is also facilitated by food peddlers, so you can enjoy the food there after taking a bath. Just the opposite of Umbul Temanten, Umbul Ngabean has a round shape with about 15 centimeters in depth. The bathing place is only for adults. You can also move freely in the pool as the pool’s depth is consistent.

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If you feel tired after swimming, there is also a gazebo available in the Umbul Ngabean area. The next bathing place is Umbul Sungsang. There is a tradition that visitors often do in Umbul Sungsang. Just right before the fasting month (Ramadhan), many people come to the bathing place to do Padusan Tradition. Based on the tradition they have to take a bath in the pool to purify their body and soul before entering Ramadhan Month. So, they will enter Ramadhan Month with a pure heart. Another

tradition often done in Umbul Sungsang is Kungkum Tradition, which means that you have to soak your body in the water of Umbul Sungsang start from 12 pm to 3 pm. Many people believe that by doing this they will get lucky in their life and whatever they wish will be granted.