TumbleNinja Cracked Tumblr bot

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TumbleNinja v3.1.4.3 Cracked (Tumblr bot) Marketing software you can use to auto-follow, unfollow, like, message, and reblog on Tumblr

TumbleNinja Cracked

TumbleNinja Cracked Tumblr bot

What makes TumbleNinja so special?

  • iconAuto-follow

Mass follow targeted Tumblr users from a blog search, tag search, likes/reblogs of a particular post or a Google search

  • TumbleNinja Cracked (Tumblr bot)Auto-unfollow

Mass unfollow users with various settings, such as only those who don’t follow you back or only users followed more than X days ago.

  • TumbleNinja CrackedAuto-reblog

Mass reblog targeted blogs from a tag search, your own feed, or a specified blog. Or set up a tag monitor!

  • Tumblr bot 2020Auto-like

Mass like thousands of other targeted blogs on Tumblr with the click of a button.

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  • iconAuto-message

Automatically send messages from a preset list to your targeted blogs. Spintax allowed!

  • iconMonitor keywords

Monitor a tag search and automatically reblog new posts immediately

  • icon scheduling

Target posts for reblogging and have them scheduled months in advance at the click of a button

  • iconAccount protection

Use a random time delay setting as well as “breaks” at intervals to stay under the radar and avoid getting flagged for spamming.

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  • iconProxy support

Although not strictly necessary, you can hide your IP if you feel the need. Private proxies are also supported.

  • iconBlacklist/whitelist

Avoid unfollowing your own known friends, following, commenting, etc. certain people you would like to avoid.

  • icon multiple accounts

Perform all these actions on one account, or use multiple accounts simultaneously.

  • icon top-notch support

We strive to answer all messages within 24 hours (weekdays) and deliver regular updates to keep the software running bug-free.

TumbleNinja – the world’s #1 Tumblr bot. This proprietary and versatile marketing software handles all of the repetitive grunt work, SAVES you large amounts of time, gets you thousands of followers, and helps you generate more profit from this incredibly popular social media blogging platform! What makes TumbleNinja so special for Tumblr marketing?

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  • TumbleNinja (Tumblr bot) Latest Cracked

And many more powerful options built right inFine tune the software’s actions and make it work the way you want it to. Want further customization? Please let us know! This helps us focus on what users are really interested in. You can view screenshots of some of the features here.

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What is tumblrbot


As an internal copywriter at Tumblr, I crafted the personality of the chatbot “Tumblrbot.” The objective I set was to produce a character user would certainly feel obliged to support and wit instead compared to misuse and probe for insects.

Chatbots are constantly imperfect, but integrating that right into their personality would certainly help us slip right into the hearts of our infamously hard-to-please users. This project (such as a great deal of work at Tumblr) was unlike anything Tumblr had done before, so I developed the system whereby responses were suggested, organized, evaluated, approved, and executed.

I user evaluated to appearance for common habits, insects, exploitations, potential misuses, classified and dealt with them. The result—the hapless but passionate, absolutely sincere robotic coming to grips with the existential ramifications of their self-awareness—is both effective and cherished.

Tumblrbot is the main Tumblr bot and it might message you (simply once) if it believes it can assist with something. Respond with “quit” to quit receiving messages…They might advertise larger social media websites on their homepage but trust us when we say that they will help you with their Tumblr bot as

Tumblrbot is the main Tumblr bot and it might message you (simply once) if it believes it can assist with something. To motivate interaction… everything fox, a blog site on Tumblr. Never ever miss out on a message from everything. Make gifs, find your community. Just in the application. Obtain the app; No many thanks.