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TubeTraffic ELITE v.1.98 Cracked is the most powerful YouTube marketing and communications autoapp to lasertarget traffic. Drive unprecedented traffic with this ace YouTube communications tool.Build a formidable viewership and get high subscriptions from this intuitive, user friendly interface. An incredible app to prmote your content and expand audience base.


TubeTraffic is a pretty good app for anyone who needs free traffic from YouTube. I can’t think of any other way to get free traffic to a new YouTube video this fast. Great product and good fit for our VidCuratorFX users! I highly recommend it!

Harvest a massive list of YouTube users that have uploaded videos or watched videos for the keywords in your niche.
Give your YouTube channel and videos a new lease of life with highly targeted traffic.

Grab dedicated video viewers, and people who have subscribed to and watch the top channels in your niche.
Discover and legally steal traffic from the best channels and the best videos in absolutely any niche.

Get organic growth for your new YouTube channel.
Find & engage other YouTubers to get votes and follows, and get authority based rankings.
Harvest huge lists of videos that are targeting the viewers in your niche, and get traffic from them.
That’s it. No spending hours and hours implementing unsure marketing strategies and hoping something will stick and your channel will grow.

Stop Spending On Links!

If you’re building links to your YouTube videos from outsideYouTube, it’s really futile. YouTube already is the top ranked website of the world, and you can’t SEO YouTube to the top.
Links to YouTube videos aren’t so helpful. They will not get you ranked within YouTube anyway. You see, it’s Google that considers backlinks a ranking factor, not YouTube.
If you want to get ranked on YouTube, the links have to be inside YouTube, and all the authority you gain, has to be on YouTube.

Free Traffic For YouTube Forever

To get YouTube traffic, someone has to make an effort. It can be your or your hired VAs, finding relevant and popular videos and leaving comments laboriously or it can be TubeTraffic, working in the background on 100% autopilot while you watch your favorite GoT episode, or plan out your next vacation.
So if you hate the idea of working around the clock as much as I do, TubeTraffic will be your ultimate salvation just as it was for my new channels.

See How TubeTraffic Makes Getting Traffic Easy!


  • Designed intuitively to space out all requests at intervals to emulate real user behaviour.
  • Calibrates comments intelligently to ensure they don’t get repetitive.
  • Controlled inflow of traffic.
  • Promotes your content and maximizes your profitability.

Harvest Unlimited Targeted YouTube Users

Traffic is powerful when it’s relevant. TubeTraffic lets you enter any keywords and finds you all the YouTube users who are targeted by those keywords. It works for any niche!

Find Highly Relevant Videos

Find relevant videos for any keyword on 100% autopilot. Just enter the keywords and TubeTraffic will collect the videos for you working in the background. Relevant videos will drive you relevant traffic, making sure your watch-time and conversions are high.

Still Chasing Elusive YouTube Traffic?

  • No More Worrying about all the investment that you put in your YouTube channel going to waste.
  • No More Struggling for every single view and subscriber & wondering where you will get the next bunch.
  • No More Paying websites to get fake views and subscribers and getting your channel banned.
  • No More Wondering if any of your YouTube videos will ever get ranked on YouTube at all.
  • No More Spending money on costly courses and consultants that do nothing at all for you.
  • No More Slogging all day and all night on your PC, commenting on channels manually, trying to build traction for your channel.
  • No More Getting depressed looking at your channel statistics and finding no growth at all.

Say Goodbye To All Your Traffic Woes

  • Say Yes To 100% automatic traffic coming to you every day without you having to work for it.
  • Say Yes To Connections and tie-ups with powerful users, authority figures and highly engaged viewers on YouTube.
  • Say Yes To Constant growth in your subscriptions and increase in your watch time that gets you better organic rankings.
  • Say Yes To Powerful backlinks and more YouTube authority that results in viewership growth long after your campaigns are paused.
  • Say Yes To Not having to pay a recurring cost to grow your YouTube traffic.
  • Say Yes To Getting conversions, growth and sales even with totally new YouTube channel.
  • Say yes to increasing online presence from YouTube, no matter at what level of popularity you are.

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