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The SEO King – Advance SEO Course ?


Are You spending too much time in learning SEO? You are trying to find some secrets on​​​​ youtube and blog but still you ar​​​​e not getting the good results.
The SEO KING is an Advance SEO Course with 60+ Hours of Content

Previously we are doing this live but after running two batches we have decided to record the complete course and provide you 60+ hours of content with a Comfort of Your Home

After struggling so much in SEO in last 3 years, now finally I’ve tactics, strategies, frameworks which is now helping me to rank and beat big players in the industries.

SEO King Course Features

Here is What You’ll Get in The SEO KING

The Basics of SEO
For Beginners who are just started or for those people who have no technical bone in their body will love this module. We will cover some basics of SEO, I know most of people know basics but they will also enjoy this module because basics will build your pillar.

Proven Content Framework
Now, when it comes to content writing maximum people failed, some people face problem of researching and some people face problems of finding topics.
This Module will help you to learn the proven content frameworks that means the content strategy that has already done the magic. You will also get formula to build an amazing and attractive blog post.

Social Media Marketing
It is no secret that social media plays a big role of SEO, google has not publicly declare that social media is a factor but let me tell you that it is the indirect factor and it plays super big role. If it was not important than why people are paying thousands of dollar to manage social media.
This Module will teach you how to do social media marketing and brand building so that you can get higher ranking and more traffic.

Advance SEO
This is the Module that everyone always love, we will teach you the advance seo techniques that big bloggers and marketers are using but you might not know about it.
Learning Advance SEO itself will cost you lots of money and resources, we will give you the resources and tricks that will save your much time.

Super Advance SEO
This is My Favourite Module, In this module I will cover the underground secrets that even big SEO experts and marketers are not revealing even in their course, But I’m not afraid of anything, I will reveal their secrets for your Guaranteed Success.
This will be the topic that will turn the game to yourself and you will have the secrets that even 1% people don’t know.

The SEO KING Course – Best SEO Course in India – Abhit Upadhyay



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