Tahiti Honeymoon All Inclusive

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Tahiti honeymoon all inclusive – Honeymoon in Paradise. The wedding is over – the service, the greeting of relatives and friends, the feast, the toasts, the speeches, the photographs, the farewells. The culmination of months of planning has come and gone in only hours. With an undeniable sense of relief that the stress of their wedding day is over, the newly married couple are driven to the airport.

“The couple is serenaded by the lilting strains of Polynesian love songs”

By themselves, at last, they board a flight for Papeete and sit back and relax. Just a few hours later the island of Tahiti appears like a mirage out of the ocean, and minutes later their plane.

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Tahiti Honeymoon All Inclusive

“Sun-tanned, wind-blown, honeymooners at last alone.” (Cole Porter, High Society).

Arising right into the warm exotic air, the honeymooners capture the scent of frangipani bloom. As they walk towards the Migration respond to a wonderfully aromatic tiare blossom that is put behind the ear of the groom and bride by a grinning Tahitian woman.

Signing up with the migration line, the pair is serenaded by the lilting pressures of Polynesian love tunes, played by a team of Tahitian guys on ukeleles and guitars.

From Faa’a it is a quick transfer to the capital town, Papeete, and the next day, to one of a wide choice of island destinations.

Already the hectic world the newlyweds have just left is almost forgotten, days of bliss stretch ahead, for they have chosen to spend this very special time in their life together in one of the loveliest places on Earth, one synonymous with love and beauty, the islands of French Polynesia.

A galaxy of 118 high islands and atolls scattered over an area the size of Europe, surrounded by the world’s largest and purest ocean, French Polynesia offers honeymoon couples a selection of natural and cultural pleasures and a choice of accommodation which can make the beginning of their married life together with an unforgettable experience.

The Tahitian environment in which the honeymooners find themselves is sublimely beautiful:

beaches of creamy white sand overlooked by palm trees that sway to the rhythm of the trade wind, tropical shrubs that glow with vibrantly coloured flowers, lagoons of shimmering, breath-taking blue, underwater worlds teeming with marine life, reef waves rising and breaking, their susurration comprising nature’s loveliest serenade, sunsets that produce sky shows of almost unbelievable colour.

Turning inland, they see that natural beauty is also abundant there – soaring volcanic peaks, steep-sided valleys, waterfalls that plunge hundreds of metres down mountainsides, fast-flowing streams, pools of cool, refreshing water, rainforests with giant trees, volcanic peaks thrusting hundreds of metres up into the tropical sky.

In French Polynesia nature is at her most generous and spectacular, showing off her creations with abandonment and abundance. For visitors, the senses are joyfully overwhelmed by the riotous beauty of these islands.

“love is as omnipresent and accepted as the sea which surrounds them”

And as if this abundant natural beauty was not enough, the people of the Tahitian islands have a culture which from time immemorial has celebrated human love. Sensuality is inseparable from these islands, another reason why they make the perfect destination for honeymooners.

For the Tahitian people, love is as omnipresent and accepted as the sea which surrounds them. Love isn’t just airborne, it is embodied in their society for a thousand years.

And overlying this Polynesian naturalness is another measurement – that of French society – which has long valued the idea of romantic love. This mix of Tahitian informality and European romantic custom is what makes French Polynesia irresistible as a honeymoon location.

“All is good because all are beautiful” ( Paul Gauguin).

The celebration of physical love was the aspect of Tahitian life which first astonished, then delighted the eighteenth-century European sailors who came upon the islands and spent time among their people.

To these early explorers and their crews – men like Samuel Wallis, Louis de Bougainville, James Cook and Fletcher Christian – Tahiti was a veritable Garden of Eden, an uncorrupted place where the people lived in harmony with nature.

The first European visitors’ accounts of Tahiti’s physical beauty and natural freedom, the lack of sin as Christianity taught the concept, made the islands’ allure irresistible.

Later they attracted artists and writers who celebrated the Tahiti’s glories in pictures and words. Seduced by its beauties, men like Herman Melville, Robert Louis Stevenson, Paul Gauguin, Rupert Brooke and James Michener immortalised the Tahiti where they immersed themselves.

As Gauguin described his new life in Tahiti, “All is good because all is beautiful”. For these artists, the Tahitian islands possessed a beauty and a seductiveness which no other place on Earth possessed. It still does.

For the honeymoon couple, or the nouveau Marie, as they should now be called since they are in French Polynesia, many of the best things will be free:

basting themselves under the tropical sun, exploring rock pools on a reef at low tide, snorkelling in the undersea world of coral and fish, wandering through a village market, swimming in a mountain pool, strolling on the beach at sundown, making love under the starry, moonlit sky.

But to allow our honeymooners to fully indulge themselves in the pleasures of the Tahitian islands, there is every imaginable type of accommodation and entertainment available, to supplement the natural pleasures of romance that the happy couple has brought with them.