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Socinator The Social Dominator (Latest Cracked 24th July 2020) Best Social Media Dominator All in one Social Media Automation Software for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Quora, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, Google+, Reddit, Tumblr Automation

  • Name :Socinator Cracked
  • Version :
  • updates : 24th July 2020
  • OS : Windows
  • Type : Social Media Automation Software
  • Sales Page :

Easy Automation For Busy Marketers Manage and Grow All Your Social Accounts Safely and Organically.
Why Socinator? SOCIAL MEDIA definitely has the power to reach millions of people all around the globe. Being a Social Media Marketer, Don’t you wish you had a few extra hours in your day? We definitely know the answer is YES. You might be among the many marketers in the world, who STRUGGLE to get all their social media tasks done EVERYDAY and get TIRED performing REPETITIVE tasks. We all have to juggle with so many things on daily basis, not able to spend time with family and friends and specially our job is not 9-5 anymore with the ever growing tasks list, the list which keeps getting longer and longer and rising our STRESS level. We all looking for a way to have a bigger IMPACT on social media and specially in LESS time. LUCKILY Socinator enables us to do this.

⚛️Socinator : Best Social Media Dominator TOP features⚛️
✅YouTube Marketing
The All In One YouTube Marketing Platform For IM’ers.
✅Twitter Marketing
The All In One Twitter Marketing Platform For IM’ers
✅Instagram Marketing
The All In One Instagram Marketing Platform For IM’ers
✅socinator tutorial

Socinator Cracked gives you more control over your social accounts and helps you publish regular content over social media. It helps you drive greater level of ENGAGEMENT, reply in REAL TIME and mainly with content in response to specific actions. It makes EASIER to communicate with the audience and make the brand more relatable. Nevertheless, its a terrific Time saver driving more TRAFFIC to your site.

socinator Version – 24th July 2020


  • Social:
    • Social ==>Reddit ==> Sociopublisher ==> Fixed issue with posting on wall.
  • Instagram:
    • Account Manager ==> Account ==> Fixed issue with account login failed.
    • Instaposter ==> Reposter ==> Fixed issue with reposting videos.
    • Instaposter ==> Reposter ==> Fixed issue with Post filter.
  • Linkedin :
    • Linkedin ==>Engage ==> Like ==> Fixed issue in failed with error to like in browser mode .

Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Quora, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, Google+, Reddit, Tumblr Automation

Advanced Publishing
Socinator lets you auto publish and schedule your posts on multiple networks at once, including Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn etc. Its also having an ability of content curation by importing content via RSS feeds, monitoring folder etc. making it the smart auto post scheduler.

Instagram Automation Features
Grow your Instagram accounts 10x faster:
Auto Follow, Follow Back, Auto Like, Auto Comment, Auto Repost, Auto Messages, Live Chat and Many More

Facebook Automation Features
Increase Engagement and Precised Audience Reach:
Auto Friend Requests, Auto Accept Friends, Auto Like, Auto Comment, Auto Join Groups, Auto Unjoin, Live Chat and Many More

Twitter Automation Features
Boost your activities on Twitter for better engagement and ROI
Auto Follow, Follow Back, Auto Like, Auto Comment, Auto Retweet, Auto Messages, Live Chat and Many More

YouTube Automation Features
Schedule your YouTube accounts on Auto-pilot, and watch them growing.
Auto Follow, Auto Subscribe, Auto Unfollow, , Auto Like, Auto Comment and Many More

Quora Automation Features
Everything you need to succeed on Quora:
Auto Friend Requests, Auto Downvote Answers, Auto Upvote Answers, Auto Report User, Auto Upvote Questions, Find And Extract Answers, Find And Extract Users and Many More

gPlus Automation Features
Be 24/7 Engaged with your Audience on gPlus.
Auto Follow, Auto Post/Share Content In Your Communities, Auto Unfollow, Auto Unfollow, Join/Unjoin Communities In Your Niche and Many More

Pinterest Automation Features
Give boost to your Pinterest account for faster growth and 20x more revenue.
Auto Follow, Auto Follow Back, Auto Try, Auto Comment, Auto Repin, Auto Create Boards, Auto Unfollow and Many More

LinkedIn Automation Features
Make your Professional Network more bigger and connect with potential partners and customers on the go.
Auto Accept/Cancel Connection Requests, Auto Endorse Connections, Auto Engage with Likes and Comments, Auto Post/Share Content In Your Groups, Auto Reply to new messages, Find And Extract Answers, Find And Extract Users and Many More

Reddit Automation Features
Boost your activities on Twitter for better engagement and ROI
Auto Follow, Follow Back, Auto Like, Auto Comment, Auto Retweet, Auto Messages, Live Chat and Many More

Tumblr Automation Features
Schedule your YouTube accounts on Auto-pilot, and watch them growing.
Auto Follow, Auto Subscribe, Auto Unfollow, , Auto Like, Auto Comment and Many More

Other Socinator Features
Socinator is also packed with some amazing powers like:
Auto publish posts from RSS, Auto shorten URLs, Auto Submit captcha verification, Detailed report for each and every activity, Embedded browser for each network, Analytics and Growth Metrics.


Socinator Cracked All in one Social Media Automation Software Features:

  • Social:
    Query Type ==> Now we can priories queries based on top to bottom.
    For all social network except Instagram now we can run campaigns in Browser based.
  • Twitter :
    Reposter ==> We can customize caption with original post caption.
  • Reddit:
    Voter ==> we can upvote Specific User’s Post.
    Voter ==> we can upvote Specific community URL.
  • Instagram :
    Like ==> Like users recent post.
    Reposter ==> Tag Uers ==> Now we can tag number of users as per given count.
  • Linkedin :
    Account activity => Added feature to delete repoprts.
    Messenger => Broadcast Messages => Added feature to skip users already received message from software.
    Engage => Add feature to like,comment and share post per user.

Fixed:Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Quora, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, Google+, Reddit, Tumblr Automation

  • Reddit :
    Account Manager=>Fixed issue in account login
  • Pinterest :
    Create Board=> Fixed issue in create Board.
    Repin => Fixed issue in Custom User.
  • Linkedin :
    LinkedIn => Engage => Fixed issue with like and share the compaany page.
  • Instagram :
    Fixed issue with action block .
  • Social :
    Fixed issue with scheduling time.
    Fixed issue with hashtag and location ID for Instagram.

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