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Portugal Tours Tripadvisor Rio Mira Boat Tour Through DUCA

Portugal Tours Tripadvisor Rio Mira Boat Tour Through DUCA

Portugal tours Tripadvisor – What to Expect on a Rio Mira Boat Tour Through DUCA? When thinking of the beautiful country of Portugal, typically it’s the capital city of Lisbon comes to mind where stunning hillsides along breathtaking coastal shores, a rich historical culture, and a certain beauty await all who pay it a visit.

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Portugal tours Tripadvisor Rio Mira Boat Tour Through DUCA

Yet despite its lure and offerings Portugal Tours Tripadvisor, many travelers often forget that what makes Portugal such a magnificent city is its various hidden gems scattered throughout.

One prime example of such would be Alentejo where its guests come from all over the world in order to enjoy an escape from the hustle and bustle of the Country and to truly soak up the natural beauty surrounding its most precious pearlRio Mira.

If that sounds like your kind of holiday retreat, be sure to not miss out on the river tour operated by DUCA. If you do, here is what you can expect.

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Friendly & Knowledgeable Guides Portugal Tours Tripadvisor

With the well-being, safety, and experience of each guest at the forefront of their minds, the guides at DUCA are there to make sure you have the trip of a lifetime; one you will surely never forget.

Making sure you feel relaxed and comfortable each step of the way, their extensive knowledge of the surroundings will help ensure you not only are enjoying yourself but are also able to take away newfound information from the Rio Mira boat tour.

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Incomparable Natural Beauty & Wildlife Portugal Tours Tripadvisor

Stretching for a total of 134 kilometers (17 miles) from Milfontes to Odemira, your river tour will be a time where you simply won’t believe all of the vast and thriving flora and fauna at nearly every turn.

From sprawling hillsides teeming with wildflowers, various plant species, and of course several birds you will get the likely chance of seeing up close and personal. Be sure to have your camera ready at all times as you are going to want to capture every moment along the journey.

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A Peaceful & Pleasant Escape from Noise & Clutter

In addition to appreciating the nearly endless natural beauties, there are to witness during the DUCA boat tour, what guests seem to most appreciate is the stillness and pure peacefulness that seems to exude the rivers every square meter.

Leave behind the noise, clutter, and constant on-the-go mentality that you are used to and dive into one of the most pleasantly calming trips available in not only Alentejo but in all of Portugal. Portugal Tours Tripadvisor.

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The Option to Have Some Fun & Excitement at Portugal Tours Tripadvisor

If you are thinking the DUCA boat tour along with Rio Mira isn’t quite up to par as far as fun and excitement go, you are fortunately mistaken.

Given the climate and location of Rio Mira, this body of water actually serves as the perfect spot to dive right on into! Depending on the season, the weather may be very hot and as the perfect solution, you are more than welcome to request a break from the sunshine and head right into the water. You will find it is quite refreshing and adds a little more adventure and thrill to your DUCA boat tour.

If this sounds like something you are interested in, be sure to head to Ducas website at http://duca.pt/ or their Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/duca.pt/timeline to find out even more information on how you can participate in a tour people seem to not be able to say enough about!

Just see for yourself at http://www.tripadvisor.com/Attraction_Review-g784072-d3905779-Reviews-Duca-Vila_Nova_de_Milfontes_Beja_District_Alentejo.html

No matter when you decide to head to Alentejo, your decision to join in on all of the fun to be had at DUCA will certainly be one worth remembering for many years to come.