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Staying in the Lake District England


Staying in the Lake District England – The Journey begins. There is nothing as enchanting as visiting the lake district. It is steeped in rich historical heritage dating as far back as Roman times.

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Staying in the Lake District England

Lake District also referred to as Lakeland or the Lakes is in North-Western England. The district is in Cumbria.

There are about 21 Lakes, captivating Mountain scenes, and landmark sites scattered around this popular destination. Every visitor to the Lake District not only enjoys the best of nature but gets a firsthand feel of the unique history that this land offers.

Garnering Global Attention The Lake District England

Although, the Lake District has lost its bid to be among the UN World Heritage sites; it is currently planning another bid as a Cultural Landscape. Interestingly, this site which enjoys over 15 million visitors annually has the highest mountain in England (Scafell Pike).

Things to do when camping around the Lake District England

Visit the surrounding towns of Keswick, Penrith, and Kendal: Each of these towns is well worth exploring, all having a rich array of stores, with plenty of places to stock up on hiking equipment before tackling Scafell!.

Scafell Pike the Lake District England

This is the highest point in the whole of England. It stands at about 3,210 feet (that is 978 Metres). The view from the top of this mountain can reach as far as Northern Ireland and Wales. Also, you can decide to have fun with Mountain climbing or you can enjoy the fells around this range.

The fells are simply valleys that are not as high as the Mountain peak. Locals say it is not unusual to experience 4 different seasons in a day, so pack accordingly when exploring.

Wildlife the Lake District England

Lake District has a fair share of Animals that can spice up your experience. Some of the breeds you can find are Schelly, Fell pony, Arctic Char, Herdwick, Red Deer, Red Squirrel, and Red Kite. Interestingly, the lake also offers the Candace (a type of fish) which is only seen in this place in all of England.

Lakeland Motor Museum the Lake District England

There are hordes of vehicles that date back to the early days of the Automobile industry. It gives you a quality peek into the first automobile designs that shaped our world.

Also, the museum gives you a firsthand feel of the brands that have served various generations. The unique point about this place is that it emphasizes the fact that Lake District is not all about the Lakes and the natural habitat. For those who would like to chill and soak in the atmosphere, there is a unique cafe that serves the visitors to this Museum.

Wastwater and Windermere the Lake District England

There are over 20 lakes in this district but these two are worth the mention. They are the deepest and longest lakes in the whole of England. Also, beyond the beauty and the activities that you can explore; it also gives you the opportunity to connect with the commercial activities in this location.

The Windermere is about 274 meters deep and it winds through most of the Lake District area. There are different water events such as Boat rides, Canoe paddling, or Snorkeling that can enrich the experience for you. It is important to mention that this area is not known for fishing but you can enjoy the sights of some rich variety of fish which is found in the Lake.

Theatre by the Lake District England

The town of Keswick offers you the opportunity to enjoy the best of theatre and arts. The Theatre runs for most of the week. The performing arts in Keswick have a rich heritage that dates as far back as the 18th Century.

Rydal Mount the Lake District England

One of the interesting facts about Rydal Mount is that it is closely linked to the famous English poet, Williams Wordsworth. Most of his poems were penned in his family home which still stands in this location. You can also see the beauty of choice plants such as Daffodils which are richly spread across this space.

The combination of history, literature, and the nostalgia of standing at a place that housed one of the best minds in the 18th century make the experience second to none.