How to Build Business Essential Selling Techniques

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How to Build Business Essential selling techniques – Your ability to convert potential leads into new clients comes down to how well you can SELL.

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The 3 keys to increasing your business are

  1. Increase your client base
  2. Increase the value of each transaction
  3. Get your clients to repurchase more often

To deliver the results in these three areas you need a combination of great marketing and great selling.

Let’s look at the key elements to closing the sale – How to Build Business

For every feature of your product/service, you must have at least two BENEFIT statements… people buy benefits NOT features

Ask opened ended questions like…

“What do think about this…

“Why is this important to you…

“How will this help you…

These open-ended questions are designed to gather valuable information from your prospective clients.

You have to act a bit like a doctor who is trying to evaluate what is wrong with a patient.

The more questions the doctor asks the closer a correct diagnosis of the problem can be made. More importantly, the correct treatment can be prescribed.

You have two ears and one mouth. Great salespeople are all great listeners. They are listening intently to find out what are the real problems or solutions their prospective clients are looking to solve.

When your prospective client indicates an interest in a benefit confirms the benefit with a closed question.

“Is that important to you”

“Do you like this color”

What you are doing is re-affirming that what the client sees as a benefit is actually a benefit NOT a statement.

The golden rule here is… DO NOT make an assumption based on your interpretation. It’s your client’s reasons that count NOT yours.

Okay so you are 90% through diagnosing your prospective clients’ problems and you are getting your prescription ready.

Summarise all the benefits that your client has indicated were benefited during your sales presentation. The objective here is to gain as many yes answers as possible.

Psychologically it is hard to say NO after giving 5 yes answers.

Like the Great White Shark, you are now circling your victim and ready for the kill. Now, that’s not the attitude is it…We are looking forward to a long-term relationship.

One of the best closing techniques is the alternative close

“Would you like the blue or green product”

“Should we deliver Monday or Wednesday”

or the Abraham Lincoln Close

You basically show all the positive reasons for going ahead versus the negatives. Logic backed up by fact is hard to beat.

Whatever you do… How to Build Business… ASK FOR THE ORDER

Lastly…you must learn to anticipate objections.

Objections are your client’s way of saying “Give me more Information” they are not quite convinced yet.

One of the most common objections you will come up against especially at the end of your sales presentation is

“I want to think about IT”

One way of answering this objection is to show empathy

“I can understand you want to take your time over this decision. You have agreed to this benefit and that benefit. For me to gain a clear picture what exactly are you unsure of?”

Put the ball back in her caught. Be subtle, NOT pushy.

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