Hiking in Tahiti, What to do in Tahiti

Hiking in Tahiti, What to do in Tahiti – Hiking and horseback excursions; safaris to the heart of the island; waterfall and canyon adventures, trips out on the lagoon, underwater explorations, guided tours of cultural sites, marae, and museums such as The Paul Gauguin’s, Tahiti Islands. Many professionally conducted tours to discover the secrets of the old gods and the traditions of the Ma’ohi people.

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Hiking in Tahiti, What to do in Tahiti


Historic, sacred and religious sites are swathed in legend; many museums all around the island.

SHOPPING Hiking in Tahiti

The art galleries in Papeete where works of local artists are on show here

The cultured pearl in all its variations: unmounted or mounted Keshi, baroque, semi-baroque, or perfectly round, it represents the best reflection of the islands.

You can also find pareos in all the boutiques, arts and crafts, and Taha’a pods.


PAPEETE BY NIGHT Hiking in Tahiti

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hiking-in-Tahiti-what-to-do-in-Tahiti (2)

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Papeete is a city with a lively nightlife. There are many bars, also open throughout the week. The discotheques close at 3:00 am or even 4:00 am on Fridays, Saturdays, and Public holidays.

For dancing, listening to music, or a night out with friends, try Tiffany’s, the Paradise, Club 106, The Piano Bar, the Manhattan, the Scorpio, the Mana Rock, the Zizou Bar, the Royal Kikiriri, Morisson’s Café, the Saxo, Le Rubis, the 3 Brasseurs or Tikisoft Café

WATER SPORT Hiking in Tahiti

The Tahiti Yacht Club in Arue has a marina and a sailing school

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SURF/FLYSURF Hiking in Tahiti

Surfing is the ancestral Polynesian sport and its reputation has never been surpassed

Tahiti is one of the major International competition centers, on a par with the best surfing spots in the world. The superb waves at Teahupoo, on the Peninsula Famous for their tubes, have thrilled the best surfers on the planet.

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SCUBA DIVING Hiking in Tahiti

The ocean floor around Tahiti is spectacularly rich: the diversity of sites and their beauty make it an ideal place for taking the various levels of training certificates.

Tahiti hikes

Faarumai Waterfall Tahiti hikes

This easy path takes you to an outstanding waterfall after walking of just fifty percent a kilometer, production is probably one of the most accessible waterfalls in Tahiti.

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There are actually 3 very high falls here, but the first can be reached after simply a 5-10 min stroll from the car park.

Anticipate rich jungle scenery on a path that benefits all cup capacities. As it is a prominent spot there are sometimes residents selling beverages, food, and various other products too.

Maraa Caves Tahiti hikes

This is another brief trek of about fifty percent a kilometer and will see you make your way through rich greenery to discover 2 large caves with all-natural swimming pools that are hidden among trees and ferns.

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You can swim in the cavern swimming pools, but at your own risk as they go deep right into the ground. There is a small course that goes off right into the greenery from the first cavern and that leads you to the second cavern and a small waterfall too. It is an extremely unique spot.

The caves can be found approximately midway between the communities of Maraa and Tiamao. On that particular roadway, you will find a parking area and signpost for ‘Grottoes de Maraa’.

Marae Arahurahu Temple and Waterfall Tahiti hikes

This brief but pretty hike (2.5km) combines society and nature as you make your way through the designed premises of a brought-back old temple in Tahiti. This historic landmark was where Polynesians would certainly worship Ma’ohi Gods, and remains a peaceful and atmospheric place today.

There is a path at the completion of the temple premises that zigzags through the thick jungle and ascends nearly 100m to a waterfall. Overall, this beautiful little Tahiti hike should take about an hr at most

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Hiking in Tahiti: Moderate problem hikes

Fautaua Valley Tahiti hikes

When you escape the blue-green lagoons and crystal clear sprinkle, you realize Tahiti has a lot to offer. Fautaua Valley is a great instance of that.

This valley exists over Tahiti’s funding of Papeete and the path starts in the city and complies with the Fautaua River upstream. You will come through several falls on this hike, with the biggest – Fautaua Drops – more than 300 meters high! Also better, at the base of the drops is an all-natural pool.

You’ll need a license to hike in the valley – it costs under 10 USD – and you can obtain that at Papeete Community Hall. It is well well worth the price however as the jungle here’s rich, pristine, and pristine.

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