Fast Bulk Mailer Pro v3.0.2.8 Bulk Mass email Sender software

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  • Name : Fast Bulk Mailer Pro
  • Version :
  • OS : Windows
  • Type : Bulk OutLook/GMX/Gmail/Yandex/ Email sender
  • Price : $347 
  • Homepage :

FastBulkMail is designed for the email marketers who want to send many emails per day, it is a super fast bulk emails sender that can send hundreds of emails per minute. FastBulkMail uses outlook web page inteface to send emails without smtp needed. And the inbox rate is over 90% with right settings.


Fast Bulk Mailer Pro full Features:

  • Number of tasks to create and run at the same time : Unlimited
  • The number of threads available per task : Unlimited
  • Sending speed per minute : Over 1000 Emails
  • Send emails using webmail with no need for smtp.
  • Customize your sending settings using ‘TO’, ‘BCC’ or ‘CC’ and set the number of recipients per email.
  • Seed email function – add your own email addresses so that you can monitor your inbox success rate.
  • Loop send option to guarantee that all emails are sent successfully. BBM is 100% set and forget.
  • Add unlimited email templates, so that you can run different campaigns at the same time.
  • Create and send html email templates.
  • Load csv files to create personalised variables in the email template, so that you can send emails such as: “Hi [name],”.
  • Supports the use of tokenized variables or spun text to create unique subjects and messages.
  • Manage millions of accounts for different task(s).
  • Auto-categorized accounts based on account status (valid, invalid, banned, blocked and locked etc).
  • Remove non functional accounts automatically, so that all tasks will always use working accounts to send emails.
  • Auto-captcha solving solution support.
  • Can auto-bind proxy with accounts so that the account logs in with te same IP every time. Helps to prevent account ban.
  • Get realtime and full sending stats for every task (Sent, Left, Success Amount, Failed Amount and Speed etc.)
  • Get realtime accounts status stats (valid, invalid, locked, need verify and blocked etc.)

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