Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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Got Questions?  We’ve Got Answers! Centers offer an array of Frequently Asked Questions (and Answers) in response to inquiries on policies and programs affecting the grants process.  Bookmark this page for future reference and watch for updates.

Do all tools from work fine?
open with winrar to see the guide –> Read Login Details.txt

1.All cracks that are currently listed in our downloads List should work fine (at least 95% of them will). As you can see there are over different software downloads, so we cannot and do not give any guarantees that 100% of the tools will work fine. It’s very important to follow the installation instructions that we provide for each software exactly, step-by-step… If you got failed when extracting file from us.. like “file error or damage”… Please use winrar latest version or 7zip to extract it!
Are all downloads virus free?

2.Yes, all downloads in our List are 100% virus free. Guaranteed. We’ve checked all them with before release. Also if you found our contents/tools detected as viruses, its because our packer. Don’t worry about that.

But Some antivirus will detect as a false positive, so do not be alarmed. If that happens just add an exclusion for this in the antivirus you use so it will not stop it from running.
The software will most likely be detected as a false positive as well. Both have the same protection on them so there is no way around it.
Cracks, patches, activators or loaders can be detected as false positive (virus), an erroneous positive virus detection is any normal or expected behaviour that is identified as anomalous or malicious.So you should disable your antivirus software for a while or exclude that file path from antivirus detection. It doesn’t harm your PC.

If you are paranoid please do not even bother signing up, I do not have time for the paranoia or to answer the same question over and over when the answers are here! So do not come later asking “why is there a detection?”.

Are these pieces of software Mac compatible?

3.Almost all search engine optimization and internet marketing tools are designed for Windows only (except WordPress themes and plugins, of course). We would recommend you use them on a Windows computer, but if you would like to stick with your Mac and still take advantage of them, you need to install ‘Parallels’ to run Windows applications on your Mac. Also, you can run all these tools on Windows VPS (they are cheap these days and will cost you around $10-$15/month).

Can I update manually the software?

4.No, you can’t do it yourself. Most cracked versions are not updatable (unless we specified so in the instructions file that comes with each software). We try to update cracked software as soon as a new version is released.

How often do you update the software?

5.We update our content day by day. We release existing software updates as well as new downloads for our members, which hasn’t been previously listed in our Sites catalogue. You can see our content updated complete SEO Tools List here.

Do you provide support?

6.Support will give 24 Hours via email or our contact. But we do not provide any type of technical or troubleshooting support.
We have tried this repeatedly and found it to be extremely difficult to serve support for such a large amount of different software (1000+ different applications, can you imagine?).

Due to the large amount of people wasting my time with stupid things, do not message me about problems at all. If the question is not about LICENSE KEY , or getting a software started the message will be IGNORED!
This is not a pc tech support help desk, it is a black hat web! NO EXCEPTIONS


Do you offer tutorials on how to use the software?

7.Yes, We offer software downloads and some tutorial. If you don’t know how to use more of them, you can easily find hundreds of tutorials on Google and YouTube.

Why do you do this?

8.Our aim is to provide people with the best SEO and internet marketing tools, because not everyone can afford the expensive software required these days to rank their site in Google and other search engines, or just simply take their site to the next level.
But once you’re satisfied and make enough money we highly recommend you buy the original products to support the developers.

Why is your membership not free?

9.The answer is pretty simple if you think about it: because it takes a lot of time and effort for us to keep the site running, release monthly updates, provide customer service, pay for the server costs, bandwidth, handle DMCA notices, etc.
Unlike our competitors we don’t want to bother you with ads on our pages, flashing banners, redirections, surveys, and even worse broken download links and other types of BS. We aim to work with serious people only, who respect their time and are ready to pay a small fee for the top-notch premium service that we provide.

Is it a one-time purchase?

10.Yes, it’s just one $35 lifetime VIP membership fee.
However, we reserve the right to increase our membership price anytime soon (applies for newly registered members only).
If you’ve already joined us, there’s nothing to worry about, as you’re all set. So, if you’re serious about your internet marketing efforts, there’s no better moment to register than right now.

Is it safe to pay for your service?

11.Yes it is. We work with one of the largest companies in online payment processing – using BTC Bitcoin, paypal or perfectmoney.
It is certified by VeriSign, MasterCard, Visa and several other companies who verify online services for their security. All information you enter are only visible to PayPal and will only be used to handle your order. We have no access to your data.
So even if you don’t trust us, you can trust our payment processing partner 100%.

How soon after the payment will I receive access?

12.Once your payment is received we will automatic send you your personal login details to our exclusive VIP members area, where all downloads are located. Usually we send it right away, within a few minutes.

Do you offer a money back guarantee?

13.We deliver what we promise. However we do not offer any kind of money back guarantee on our membership purchase.
Due to the nature of digital file downloads, all sales are final.

-We can’t guarantee lifetime workability and safety, because software can change or update something in api.

-We do not offer Refunds Considering that, besides paying for this Service to be delivered, You’re also Paying for My Time, Effort & Expertise on providing this Service (unless, of Course, there are some Unforeseen Circumstances Mutually Agreed Upon).

-Refunds impossible, because it’s a downloadable product.

Can I share these tools/my membership details with my friends, partners, etc.?

14.No. It’s strictly against our TOS. If we notice you’re doing that (and trust us – we will) your membership account will be permanently banned without any further notice. If this has happened to you, please don’t email us and ask ‘Why?’ because you know the answer.

How can I contact you?

15.If you have any questions you can always contact us. at form pages

How to Activate the CRACKS/ a licensing key

    • HOW TO GET KEYS FOR MY CRACKS!RUN any of My CRACKS. You will see a Splash Screen. (Wait for 5 Seconds)*
↑ Registration Box will Appear Like the picture above ↑
  • After you download just run any software from our web so the HARDWARE ID will be show, than Copy Paste the HARDWARE ID and Send to : , give me HARDWARE ID in format txt Don’t send me screenshot
  • You have no need to use the License on every Software every time. (It’s just One-Time Process).
  • If you see False-Positive by Your Antivirus then Please Exclude the Cracks.
  • I’ll generate the Key only for One-PC and send it to you as soon as possible. [This is a unique hash, no identifying information is present and it makes no connections to the internet at all. It is just a file used as a licensing key]
    (the Key only for One-PC No Pretence , No Excuse)
  • Don’t say again Virus bla bla etc. if you see any False-Positive. Its common in case of CRACKS.

Please be patient don’t waste your time, I’m not always online, if you have any questions please leave a message via whatsapp (do not call).Don’t create havoc for Keys. I’m Human not Robot and You will be answered in 24 Hours !
Run any of My Crack, Enter the License Generated by Me and BOOM !
Now all My CRACKS will be activated and never ask for License in that Particular PC.
You have no Need to activate every CRACK one by one.

If You want to Get the Additional Keys to receive the decryption key/License, which is needed to download the files from the private storage. Dont forget to Copy your HARDWARE ID send to Contact Me Here:
Email –
Whatsapp +1 (503) 567-6004