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ExtremeCopy Pro 2.4.0 Full Version Windows utility which copy and move files extremely fast, it will auto optimize speed and resources base on target physical machine.

As the technology is on its peak, we all know the disk space is necessary for every PC. Due to Gigabyte was moved to Terabyte, the manufacturers are launching higher space than ever before. WesternDigital and Seagate are leading the niche with launching 500 to 1000 TB of hard drives. As it is also need of laptop, they are developing SSD drives that responds 10x faster than HDD. ExtremeCopy Pro is covering the issue of copying or moving data from one place to another in minutes.

ExtremeCopy includes the following features:

  • Copy or move files or folders with extremely fast.
  • Increase the file copying speed up to 20% to 120% in comparison the default Windows copying function.
  • Save much time when backup huge files to another hard drive or USB drive.
  • Easily manage copying task.
  • Able to calculate and display remain time exactly.
  • Supports Break Point which able to pause when encounters any problems such as file being locked and resume back with click on “Continue” button once the problem fixed.
  • Supports multiple languages

The race begins when the companies has developed SD cards, USB and hard drives in Terabytes. We all know this will never stop because the size of data is increasing day by day due to high volume of quality. For example, a digital camera or latest smartphone will took almost 10 MB of single picture. That means, if you have 100 images that may need almost 1 GB of space.


If we turn our eyes to video recording, it’s also change the size limits because handycam, cell phones and other digital cameras will cover 1 hour of movie in 10 GBs. It’s also depending on quality of video because 4K, UHD and 1080p resolution may turn the size into 100+ GBs. It is highly recommended tool which will transfer the huge volume of data across the devices.

Unfortunately, the default windows explorer is slower, facing bunch of errors and less featured comparing to this one. It will save your time by skipping errors, dealing it with auto mode and transfer data in few moments.

Latest Version: ExtremeCopy Pro
Setup Size: 4.50 MB / 5.40 MB
ExtremeCopy Pro Download (2021 Latest) for Windows 10, 8, 7

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