Expired Article Hunter PremiumLifetime License
Expired Article Hunter PremiumLifetime License

Expired Article Hunter PremiumLifetime License

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HOW TO GET ORIGINAL EXPIRED ARTICLES Hunter DOMAINS – If you are a White Hat SEO who is building backlinks with the concept of PBN and TIER 1 of course you need unique and quality articles, if you have many blogs of course this will take a lot of time and effort, but by taking article posts from domains that have been removed/expired you can easily get original articles, Seo is friendly and has a lot of keywords.

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How to get many articles from expired domains by manual means or by using software (to scrap articles from many domains)

The way it works is very simple, we just need to find a domain site with expired status or deleted then we will do scrapper articles stored in https://archive.org/

How to Get Expired Articles Hunter from Domains Manually

1. Please visit https://www.expireddomains.net/, please choose which domain you want to take the article.

The tips are mostly English articles so I recommend you use them to search, for example here I use the keyword note then will be displayed the status of the URL with the keyword note

Here I am interested in the catatansantri.net site, please copy the site

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2. Go to https://archive.org/web/, and please paste the catatansantri.net link and then select Browse History

Internet Archive Time Machine is a site that stores and records historical footage from other free blog sites, a total of 498 billion archives stored in the site’s database.

3. After that the history of the catatansantri.net site recorded by the web archive is displayed next see the calendar that has a blue circle sign containing the recording taken by the web archive on that day

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4. Right-click on the date with the blue circle, and open it on the new TAB (because we use manual means so it must be opened one – one)

If you are lucky you will get the article posted from the center note, your next task is just to copy-paste the article and post it on your dummy blog.

Expired Article Hunter Premium Lifetime License  Quickly find hundreds of unique articles. Expired Article Hunter tracks down content from expired websites, quickly generating tons of unique content for use on your money site or SEO campaign!

Features expired article hunter

  • Extremely easy to install and use
  • Multi-threaded for quick article searching
  • Find hundreds of unique articles ready to be used for your SEO needs!
  • Expired Domain Scraper: Expired Article Hunter has an expired domain scraper built-in.
  • Built-in Copyscape Checking: Check Copyscape to ensure articles are one of a kind! (Requires Copyscape account)

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