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[Download] Liz Herrera – Crypto Profits U

Stop Listening to The News and Throw Away Your Day Trading Books – “This Girl is the REAL DEAL!”
World Famous Poker Star Accidentally Discovers the Secret to Massively Successful Crypto Trading to Build Wealth
The Cracking the Crypto Code Program is a 6 week online program with the sole goal building your Crypto portfolio and making it profitable in as short of time as possible! With step-by-step proven methods, youll be taken by the hand and walked through the entire process by Cryptocurrency experts making up to 5,000 a DAY in profit with this exact same process.
Once you make your investment, you will get immediate access to the program which will begin by showing you in a step-by-step format: how to sing up for the Crypto platforms you will need, where you can start investing your money, and take advantage of the greatest transfer of wealth opportunity that will never happen again!
This is 100 beginner friendly. This program is designed to work for a total novice without any prior experience in crytpocurrencies or investing. Through the 6 week course you will get everything you need to understand the Crypto market, invest smart and generate passive income with an opportunity that will only happen once.

Week One: Introduction to Cryptocurrencies
Effortlessly Build Your Success Foundation!

Week Two: Getting Started
Finding the Right Exchange for You

Week Three: Understanding Trading and the Market
Making You a Crypto Market Expert

Week Four: Mining for Passive Income
What You Need to Know to Generate Coins While You Sleep

Week Five: ICOs for Drastic Wealth
A Powerplay In the Crypto World for Big Money

Week Six: Leverage and Scale to Become a Whale
Master Tactics to Scale Your Portfolio

Bonus 1: FREE Ticket to the Cracking the Code Live Event
Connect With Crypto Investors During the Live Workshop
You get 1 FREE Ticket to our Live Event held in Orlando, FL (2,000 value)
During this event you will get to meet and connect with Elizabeth Herrera and her team and well as high level Entrepreneurs Its a FREE Opportunity to Create Wealth So You Can Live Life On Your Terms!
Youll see exactly what we are doing with Crypto as well as what we will be doing in the future.
Well take Live Q&A and do hot seats to help you 1-on-1 with your Crypto challenges Avoid the pitfalls, get in the right mindset, and get support from experts in the trenches like you!

Bonus 2: Private Facebook Mastermind Access
Ask Questions, Engage and Grow with Like Minded Entrepreneurs!
Ask questions and get the answers quickly if you ever have ANY questions or need help with anything as you go through the Cracking the Crypto Code Program!
Have unique input and priority requests on new modules and lessons inside of the Cracking the Crypto Code

Liz Herrera – Crypto Profits U | 5.08 GB



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