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Dokan Business v3.2.0 – Best Multi Vendor Marketplaces Plugin v3.2.0 Jan 29, 2021
**fix** [Livechat] Added WhatsApp provider for livechat
**fix** [Livechat] Added provider for livechat
**new** [Geolocation] Added new settings where admin can set whether to display the map in shop or store listing page or both page
**new** [Store Support] Added Store support form for single product page
**new** [Vendor Subscription] Added separate email subject and body for subscription cancellation and alert emails
**new** [Vendor Subscription] Added Dokan upgrader to move existing vendor subscription data to new keys
**new** [Vendor Subscription] Update Billing Cycle Stops fields if Billing Cycle Type changes
**update** [Vendor Subscription] Changed product_pack_startdate and product_pack_enddate value from date() to current_datetime(), this will fix timezone mismatch
**update** [Vendor Subscription] Changed _subscription_period_interval, _subscription_period, _subscription_length into _dokan_subscription_period_interval, _dokan_subscription_period, _dokan_subscription_length. This was causing conflict with WooCommerce Subscription
**update** [Vendor Subscription] Disable email verification if subscription module is enabled in the registration form
**fix** [Import Export]: All metadata are not exporting
**fix** [Auction] Dokan auction product addons are not saving
**fix** [SPMV] Fixed seller can clone product using sell this item without a subscription
**fix** [Vendor Subscription] Product duplicate button based on active subscription
**fix** [Booking] Booking buffer period duration unit label is not translatable
**fix** [Vendor Subscription] Email Subscription Ending Soon email is never sent
**fix** [Vendor Subscription] Recurring payment is not canceling if admin assigns non-recurring subscription from the admin dashboard.
**fix** [Vendor Subscription] Subscription purchased by PayPal was canceled immediately if subscription pack is not recurring
**fix** [Vendor Subscription] Added additional fee if commission type is combined for non-dokan payment gateways
**fix** [Stripe] Multiple stripe webhook was creating, moved webhook creation code under activation/deactivation hooks, deactivate and active module to apply these changes
**fix** [Stripe] Fixed fatal error if the source string is empty if users try to change payment method from my account page
**fix** [Stripe] Fixed fatal error if the order value is less than or equal to zero for Stripe 3DS mode, this was causing the whole payment to fail.
**fix** [Auction] Relist feature is unavailable on the vendor dashboard
**fix** [Auction] Vendors can not add & save new tags on Auction type products
**fix** [Elementor] Fixed Elementor module causing issue with support ticket mail
**fix** [Geolocation] Fixed Mapbox issue with RTL supported language
**fix** [Geolocation] Fixed Geolocation position settings left and right area
**fix** [Geolocation] Geolocation map autozoom when getting long distance between multiples stores/products locations
**fix** [Export/Import] Hide export button when no product found for that author
**fix** [Vendor Analytics] Vendor analytics deprecated warning
**fix** [Subscription] Delete recurring subscription key after a subscription has been deleted
**fix** [Store Support] Fixed wrong order reference URL in support tickets in WooCommerce my account and Dokan vendor dashboard area
**fix** Product add pop-up validation error message style fix
**fix** Fixed dokan_admin js var undefined issue at add/edit product page
**fix** Fixed undefined ID notice while creating products from vendor dashboard
**fix** Downloadable options panel not showing
**fix** Fixed Vendor Setting to discount on order calculation error
**fix** Fixed product view undefined index error for post_type
**fix** Dokan Shortcode Block returns “This block has encountered an error and cannot be previewed.” error while trying to add a shortcode
**fix** Fixed WPML conflict with menu and widget page when users try to switch between language

e-Commerce Solution for WordPress
An online marketplace that manages itself. Dokan Multivendor’s super intuitive design & interface makes everything easy even for beginners. It’s so automated that you only need to review the orders!

Vendors manage everything
Vendors get full functionality from the frontend dashboard – coupons, discounts, reviews, withdraws, earning reports, support, everything on frontend!

Compatible with any WooThemes
Dokan frontend is bootstrap based, fully compatible with most (100+) WooCommerce themes and more than 17+ fully compatible themes on ThemeForest.

Easy to use design
Our intuitive frontend UI is extremely easy. Anyone with even no ecommerce experience can easily sign up and start selling right away.

The best storefront and marketplace experience
Dokan offers the best looking storefront, features and follows the most trending marketplace design for creating the best customer experience.

Hundreds of Gateways and Multilingual ready
Dokan is Paypal and Stripe ready. Adding other popular gateways and 100+ WooCommerce supported gateways will enable your market to sell in any country, with tax rates built-in.
Dokan is available in 25+ languages, fully translatable and RTL supported – making your marketplace truly global.

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