Camping in Saundersfoot Wales

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Camping in Saundersfoot Wales – For a location so far in the west of Wales, Saundersfoot is one of the most visited areas. The destination lies within the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park and Path which draws tourists in droves.

Camping in Saundersfoot Wales


For the fun-loving visitor, camping in Saundersfoot Wales is like a dream come true with endless stretches of sandy white beaches and beautiful scenery to complete the stunning picture. It is ideal for family, couples, or lone travelers owing to the plenty of recreation areas, parks, gardens, caves, and several species of flora and fauna to behold.

There are plenty of things to do in camping in Saundersfoot Wales, Pembrokeshire starting with a trip to the famous CasteII Henllys Iron Age Fort. It is a grand location where you can have boundless fun dressing up as Celtic warriors and learning the tricks of laying a successful ambush against rival teams.

If you are interested in learning how ancient knights used to wield their swords so gracefully despite the weight, take some time to check out Carew Castle.

For your kids, the Manor House Wildlife Park is a fun way to start your Saundersfoot, Pembrokeshire vacation. Here, the little ones will have an opportunity to encounter Lemurs and Giraffes in close range after which they can take to the playgrounds to play with new friends as their parents explore further.

Festivals are common in camping in Saundersfoot Wales not only for the fun but also as the perfect opportunity for the locals to display their culinary artistry to the endless stream of visitors.

Fish lovers will definitely have fun during Pembrokeshire Fish Week in the last week of June. Foodies seeking more than just fish can join locals at the Really Wild Festival happening at Celtic Camping and Bunkhouse accommodation.

Besides food prepared by some of the world’s most famous chefs, there are several fun activities to engage in including mud runs, climbing, and archery to name but a few.

Saundersfoot beach is among the safest places by the sea if The Seaside Award and Blue Flag Beach Awards are anything to go by. There are always lifeguards present on the well-equipped beach complete with all-terrain wheelchairs available for hire.

There is a useful tourist information center with pleasant and professional staff to help visitors with different issues. Saundersfoot has a vibrant nightlife for those looking for entertainment when stars start lighting up the sky.

There is everything from pubs, and parties to events that will keep you on your feet all night long. Once you are tired and in need of a place to take a relaxing bath and rest a bit, there is a wide selection of hotels, B&BS, and Guesthouses to pick from.

Once you are well-rested, you can take to camping in Saundersfoot Wales Village to interact with the friendly locals and hear firsthand the narratives of the region’s history.

It is a great way to experience the culture, partake in sumptuous foods and take in the spellbinding scenery of the postcard location. One trip to this location would certainly not be enough to see everything Saundersfoot has to offer but it would be wise to join a guided tour if you want to see whatever is important.

Traveling in a group is always fun and reduces the risk of becoming stranded in foreign lands. That said Saundersfoot is also a perfect place for backpackers and explorers to venture.

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