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Cacheman v10.70.0.4 Corporate Full Version


Cacheman (short for Cache-manager) is an award-winning PC speed maximizer that has been designed to speed up applications and games, fix lag, slowdowns, and stuttering caused by background tasks like anti-virus programs.

The application optimizer offers users a multitude of ways to speed up its computer. Cacheman has been developed with novice, intermediate, and expert users in mind. Immediately after installation, Cacheman examines the user’s computer and automatically tweaks a vast number of cache settings, Registry values, system service options, and PC memory parameters.

Cacheman continues to work quietly in the background, in order to speed up the user’s computer even more by managing computer memory (RAM), program processes, and system services.

It makes sure that the active application gets the maximum possible processing power and available system memory. Cacheman also includes a special optimization for computer games, to prevent slowdowns, lag, and stuttering caused by system tools like anti-virus programs.

Cacheman review v10.70.0.4 Corporate Full Version

  • Speed up user’s PC;
  • Clipboard Manager;
  • Bookmark Manager;
  • Notepad Replacement;
  • Change Startup;
  • Create Batch File.

What is new in version 10.70 (Released in January 2021):

  • Full Windows 2004 and 20H2 support;
  • Added new processor support: AMD Ryzen 3xxx and 4xxx, Intel Comet Lake;
  • RAM Frequency and Dual Channel detection;
  • improved ECC RAM detection;
  • Dark mode support (automatically applied if Windows 10 is set to dark mode, dark skin can be also manually activated in options);
  • Tweak added to disable login screen acrylic wallpaper effect;
  • “Go to parent process” and “Copy process ID” functions in process view right-click menu;
  • Keyboard shortcuts added to right-click process name copy submenu;
  • Process ID can be now searched for;
  • Extended report (hold down CTRL key when clicking on the report button);
  • Del hotkey in-process list ends the selected process;
  • Completed Unicode support;
  • Fixed CPU labeling on 20 and 32 core systems;
  • Fixed potential Thunderbolt issue;
  • Added workaround for serial codes not being saved correctly.

Outertech’s system tool Cacheman offers the best methods to speed up Windows 10, 8. x, XP, Vista, and Windows 7. Cacheman optimizes several caches, manages computer memory (RAM), fine tunes Registry settings, and speeds up the PC by dynamically changing process priority. Auto-Optimization makes Cacheman suitable for novice and intermediate users yet it is also powerful and versatile enough for computer experts.

Cacheman offers a one-click Auto-Optimize feature to examine your computer and automatically apply the best settings and system tweaks in order to speed up PC responsiveness and stability. You can speed up your computer for specific usage by selecting a settings profile.

Individual Auto-Optimization profiles include Gaming Computer, Notebook, Netbook, Server, Maximum stability, Desktop (best of all worlds), Digital Audio Workstation, Graphics | CAD Workstation, and Windows Tablet.

Internet Accelerator

Cacheman works also as an Internet Accelerator by optimizing the Firefox/IE DNS cache parameters and the Internet Explorer server connection settings. Besides the Internet Accelerator capabilities Cacheman tweaks the Local Area Network (LAN) connection including the shares of a Windows file server. Cacheman has you covered with an advanced backup feature that allows you to revert any of your tweaks with a single click!

Speed up your PC by optimizing cache

A computer cache is a special high-speed storage mechanism. If requested data is present in a cache, it can be delivered faster. Cacheman can improve your computer by tweaking cache components. You can use Auto-Optimize to get the best tweaks for all cache parameters. Alternatively, every tweak can be configured manually.

Manage computer memory (RAM)

Cacheman takes memory management to the next level. You can define which applications have the most important to you. When your system runs out of RAM, Cacheman will take it away from nonessential programs and give it to the important ones. This is a drastic improvement to the default Windows memory management.

Display free RAM and processor usage

Cacheman can display from 1 to 5 tray icons in the Windows tray area. On the options tab, you can configure what system information should be displayed. By default, Cacheman shows free memory and CPU usage of individual processor cores as numbers. You can also change the type (graph, block, number) and the colors of the tray icon display. The options tab gives you also the opportunity to change the visual aspects of the main Cacheman window.

With a right mouse click on any of the tray icons you can display a menu with quick access to common Windows functions like the System Restore, Disk Management, Event Viewer, Control Panel or Device Manager. A double click on a tray icon loads the Cacheman configuration window.

Manage running applications

Cacheman can also display a list of loaded Windows processes (applications and system services) along with detailed information including RAM and CPU usage. Cacheman can remove crashed applications from memory, even in situations when the task manager fails to do so!

Right-click the name of the application and select Kill Process to remove a non-responding application from memory within a second. Other process management functions include lowering the RAM usage of an application or system service, bringing the program window to the front, or opening Explorer with the installation folder of the selected process.

Set process priority permanently

In Windows an application (=process) can be set to temporarily run with a higher or lower CPU priority. When a higher priority is set for a process, Windows will give more resources for it. A process with a low priority will get resources only if your computer is not busy.

Cacheman offers the ability to set process priority permanently, such that it will survive a program restart and even a computer reboot. The feature is called Sticky Priority. This means that you can set a process to high, reboot your computer, and Cacheman will ensure that the process has still high priority upon restart. You can also set Cacheman to change process priority dynamically.

System requirements:

OS: Microsoft Windows® XP, Windows® Vista, Windows® 7, Windows® 8, Windows® 8.1, Windows® 10 (both 32 & 64-bit).

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