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Blog Traffic Tips A Simple Way to Increase Page Views

Blog Traffic Tips A Simple Way to Increase Page Views

Blog traffic tips – Whether a blog site is business or personal in nature, it’s important that it receives regular traffic. Without visitors, that piece of cyberspace accounts to nothing.

Fortunately there are some simple and effective means to do so, without the need to burn a hole in one’s pocket. So continue reading to learn how to get visitors to your blog site absolutely for free.

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Blog Traffic Tips A Simple Way to Increase Page Views

Ride the popularity of social networking sites these days. Create accounts from different sites and gather together your contacts. But steer clear of spamming.

Try to make real friends by being an active member. You can come up with interesting posts, as well as comment on the posts of others. Each time the website is updated, simply post a link so people can click on it if they’re interested enough.

Make an attention-grabbing video clip and have it posted on some highly popular video sharing sites. If you have goods or services to promote, showcase them. But one’s expertise may also be the focus. Make sure to include the site’s URL in the video clip so that everyone knows how to reach you, either at the beginning or end of the clip.

Since you’re already writing, create extra articles and submit them to article directories. But you need to submit those which pass certain criteria, depending on the site.

Show how much of an expert you are by submitting write-ups that are engaging, accurate and useful. There’s a small portion where the author can briefly talk about himself or herself. In there include the site’s URL, and tell a little something about it as well.

By having exchange links, all involved parties can benefit tremendously and receive Blog Traffic Tips.

. Communicate with other bloggers who are willing to post links headed toward other websites.

If what you got is business in nature, search for sites whose contents got something to do with what you’re selling. If you sell DSLRs, contact entrepreneurs selling lens kits or other accessories.

Blog Traffic Tips Online Forums

Look for discussion boards or online forums where the topic has something to do with what your site contains.

Sign up and participate actively, either sharing information or asking questions. But take note that administrators are around keeping an eye on everything. Resort to spamming and your posts will be deleted, and you’ll be kicked out of there. Look for the right timing to talk about the website and try to do it subtly.

Come up with an e-mail signature which contains a link toward the site. Each time you send someone an e-mail, this signature will be included. Other important contact information may also be included – postal address, phone numbers, etc. While you’re at it, you may also try e-mail marketing, but do it nicely.

Tips on how to get visitors to your blog site also involve other means other than online ones. You may also try some effective offline methods. For example, the site address may be painted at the back of one’s car. Coming up with flyers, stickers or newspaper ads may cost you a little money, but they’re very effective too.

Article by J.C. Dean J.C. You can read more about how to get more blog visitor’s go viral with your business at her blog J.C. Dean Online.