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Asia Travel – Once mysterious to most Westerners, the Orient today is a heady mix of high-tech, fast-moving cities; entrepreneurial, welcoming villagers; and a huge population of highly westernized but still unmistakably Asian youth.

When you visit the Orient, leave your preconceptions behind. If you expect everything to feel ‘foreign’, you’ll be surprised at how widely English is spoken or at least understood.


Asia Travel Orient Japan Singapore United States

Expect the food to be similar everywhere? Forget that! Singapore cuisine is a dashing blend of European and Oriental flavors, Chinese cuisine ranges from hot and spicy to mild and tangy, and Japan will charm you with its subtle flavors and elaborate food and tea rituals.

If you’re expecting crowds, you’ll be struck by the quiet solitude to be had in many Japanese temples or the hills and islands around Hong Kong.

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Think dusty roads and rice paddies when you think of Asia? Wait till you experience the million-watt charge that hits you on Shibuya, Tokyo – perhaps the only place in the world that ‘out-Times Squares’ New York’s Times Square.

Exo-tic? You bet! Strange? That too – but only fleetingly. The Orient envelops the visitor like a warm bath, and before you know it you’re feeling right at home.

United States Travel Introduction

“Go west, young man,” advised newspaper editor Horace Greeley in 1850, and started a stampede to California. Visitors are still flocking to California to pack in as many new and amazing experiences as possible. But how to choose?

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There’s the recreational playground of the High Sierras or the rugged, more isolated, Shasta Cascade Country for true adventure seekers.

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City View, USA.

The lush farming communities of Inland Empire, Central Valley, and Orange County are dotted with interesting heritage townships, gourmet food stops, and quaint antique stores. Or you could go for the barren, impressive Desert Country, home to a surprisingly wide array of exo-tic animals and plants, or visit the Gold Country to relive the hectic Gold Rush days.

Los Angeles is a razzle-dazzle fun park of things to do, see and experience. There is a tour for every interest: cultural, sporting, historical. If you’ve got stardust in your eyes, you’ll be chasing the Hollywood experience. Book at Hollywood institution Chez Jays (no photos, no autographs allowed). You never know who you’ll see at the next table.

Your kids will never forgive you if you don’t make the 40-minute trip from LA to Orange County. Here Walt Disney transformed 75 acres of potential orange orchards into “the happiest kingdom of them all”.


Beverly Hills, US.

San Francisco is commonly chosen by visitors to the USA as their favorite city. Museums, gardens, gourmet foods, interesting architecture, the Napa wine country a short drive away: There’s a lot to fall in love with. San Francisco has the unique atmosphere of a city that genuinely enjoys visitors.

Finally, while Mexico is not part of California, it’s so close that it’s a shame not to visit. Take the Tijuana Day Trip – it’s a real blast!

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Aloha! And welcome to warm beaches, hot lava, kava, leis, and romance. America’s 50th state (and, from tip to tip, the widest) dishes up a perfect blend of a lazy, tropical lifestyle, breathtaking adventure, cultural immersion, and sophisticated shopping, dining, and arts. Bury your toes in the sand, bike down a volcano, dance the hula or savor the strains of a symphony orchestra – this is Hawaii’s magical mix.

Hawaii, US.

The Hawaiian archipelago of 132 islands, reefs, and shoals runs the gamut of nature, from glittering beaches and lush rainforests to cool alpine regions and stony deserts.

Volcanic mountains create an awesome array of microclimates and give Hawaii as many climate zones as you’d find from Alaska to Costa Rica. But visitors can rely on warm weather all year round, with only a few degrees difference between summer and winter.


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